New Keyword Discovery Makes it Even Easier to Optimize Your Content

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We all know the importance of hyperlinks — they allow us to navigate the web from one destination to another, and they have been a trusted building block of the Internet since its inception. For online publishers, however, these “little” links wield great power, and, when used strategically, can fundamentally change how reader audiences engage with the content that matters most. The result? Keeping readers on site longer, increasing page views per visit, and decreasing bounce rates. Saaweeet!

But, how powerful would it be to know exactly which words are inspiring readers to engage? To know the best performing hyperlinks that will invite the highest CTR and traverse readers ever deeper into the content…or send them to strategic locations. To date, publishers have essentially been flying blind when it comes to understanding what keywords are likely to garner the best engagement, but what if it were possible to discern with precision your opportunity to improve that engagement? To know with confidence what words and to where you should be linking, and the expected results you’ll achieve. What if all that was possible?

Now it is.

Introducing Keyword Discovery — Foresight Into Engagement:

We’re happy to unveil the first ever keyword discovery and linking tool for publishers. This new and unique feature of the LinkSmart audience development platform provides insights and actionable tools that first let you know what amazing engagement opportunities your un-linked keywords could present…if they were linked…and then all of the means to link them automatically with only a few clicks.

How does it work?

The keyword discovery engine continually scans your content for editorially placed links, and then uses that data to surface where any instances of those same keywords exist and are un-linked. Our system then uses sophisticated algorithms to clearly present your content engagement opportunities should you wish act on them. Our insights provide an immediate understanding of an un-linked keyword’s “Estimated Page Views” and “Estimated Clicks,” displaying what the real opportunity is if they were to be linked and had real readers engaging with them. In a few clicks of the mouse in the LinkSmart user interface, those words can easily be linked dynamically and have traffic flowing to the destination of your choice. You can see this in action in the following screenshot.

Suggested Keywords Screenshot


What did the beta team say?

Early beta testers have indicated how powerful this “opportunity information” has been for them to see.  For the first time in any product, users can immediately identify which keywords could be performing well for them…if linked. During testing, they used the Keyword Discovery system to convert those opportunity keywords into links in seconds. Our system provides the user with destination choices based upon the best performing link destinations that you have already used in the past for that specific keyword. Or, users can simply type in a new destination altogether. These opportunity keywords can then be added to a new or existing Links+ list, and, voilà, your readers have another trusted avenue to discover content, and that means the value of your content is rising along with your reader pages per visit!

Aside from increasing the site revenue potential, what our beta test team found exciting about this release is that it brings about a more clear understanding of what keywords, and subsequently what content, their readers were interested in at that moment, hour, day, week and month. And that information can have a positive and lasting impact on the editorial calendar for the type of content that gets published and which keywords are used. The bottom line of it all — a more engaged and satisfied reader.

Keyword Recommendations Features At-A-Glance:

  • View all discovered, un-linked keyword opportunities, site-wide
  • Determine the best opportunistic keywords to link by understanding their estimated page views and estimated click volume
  • Choose the best URL destination for un-linked keywords based on our recommendation, or manually set a new destination
  • Easily add the discovered keywords to a new or existing Links+ list
  • Daily keyword discovery updates ensure that you see the most recent and relevant keyword opportunities to link

Your discovered keywords and content optimization opportunities are now live within LinkSmart and will update as your audience behavior and editorial habits change. So get smart about your content with LinkSmart, and discover the engagement opportunities that are now waiting for you. Log in to your dashboard or contact us to learn more!